Monday, 9 January 2012

Hello and welcome to another belated installment of the Offshoots blog. As you may be aware the music is now finished. The album takes the form of one 43 minute piece in five parts. Generally the music is very ambient with some more rhythmic parts particularly towards the end.

The CD will be released on the first day of spring which will be 20th of March (though this is not set in stone) and Offshoots will be holding a launch event, more details to follow. I have created a 6 1/2 minute sound clip consisting of an excerpt from each of the five parts which you can listen to/download here:

I have had some very positive feedback from the people i have played it to so far. This will be my first professionally pressed CD again self published but this time in conjunction with Offshoots who are kindly funding the pressing.

The cover art is a wonderful painting by fine artist Edward Foster called 'Song Of Paradise' as seen on the promo poster below. There will be a new poster with release dates etc soon.

There will be another blog nearer to release date. Thanks again to all the great people at Offshoots for their enthusiasm and support.